How Much to Start Your Own Franchise

We understand there's many ways to start a business.

Everyone is different, whether it's their experience level, their goals, or their finances. We're interested in individuals with excellent common sense, a great work ethic, and lots of ambition. It does take a real financial investment to start a franchise, and we're happy to work with you—whether you're a first-time owner or a seasoned pro—to find a solution that fits your lifestyle.

Initial Franchise Fee
Additional Working Capital
Total Minimum Investment*
Initial Franchise Fee $17,000
Additional Working Capital $55,940
Total Minimum Investment $72,940
Initial Franchise Fee $34,000
Additional Working Capital $55,940
Total Minimum Investment $89,940
Initial Franchise Fee $68,000
Additional Working Capital $71,490
Total Minimum Investment $139,490

*These figures are taken from FlyFoe's FDD issued in February 2018. There is no assurance to your individual performance. See our FDD for important assumptions and qualifiers relating to these figures.

I like the recurring revenue model along with the strong margins of the FlyFoe business.

Michelle Spitzer FlyFoe Florida

Sources for Your Investment

We help you strategize ways to fund your investment

Your investment capital doesn't have to come from a single source. We can guide you through different funding opportunities, including financial assistance from us. These are the most common funding sources our owners have used for their initial investment.

Cash & Savings

One of the most common ways to finance the initial start-up investment is directly through cash and savings. Some owners may choose to sell a few stocks or liquidate CD's. Others get help from family members. This is the utilized simple source for investments.

401k Rollover

You may also choose to take advantage of IRS programs to rollover some or all of your 401k funds for business start-up financing, without triggering taxes or early-distribution penalties.

Business Financing

Many new owners obtain loans to support their initial start-up investment. Our staff can help you with securing SBA loans. We may even be able to provide some direct financing for qualified franchisees.

FlyFoe vs. Other Franchise Opportunities

Startup costs at other franchises can be pricey

Without the need for expensive build-out or high inventory costs, a FlyFoe franchise is a cost effective way to be your own boss.

Franchise Fee
Royalty Fees
Marketing Fees National
Real Estate Lease
Franchise Fee $17,000
Royalty Fees 6%-9%
Marketing Fees National 1.5%
Real Estate Lease $0/mo
Equipment $15,000
Quick Service
Franchise Fee $25,000
Royalty Fees 10%
Marketing Fees National 5%
Real Estate Lease $15,000/mo
Equipment $150,000
Ice Cream /
Yogurt Shops
Franchise Fee $20,000
Royalty Fees 7%
Marketing Fees National 5%
Real Estate Lease $5,000/mo
Equipment $50,000
Health Club /
Franchise Fee $25,000
Royalty Fees 12%
Marketing Fees National 3%
Real Estate Lease $15,000/mo
Equipment $75,000
Franchise Fee $30,000
Royalty Fees 8%
Marketing Fees National 5%
Real Estate Lease $10,000/mo
Equipment $100,000

*Estimated first year setup costs. Aggregated using industry UFDD's.

Where Your Initial Investment Goes

​There's often confusion about where all that upfront money will go.

Many people think the bulk of their investment is paid directly to the franchisor. This is not the case with FlyFoe. This FlyFoe chart breaks down your initial investment among the various expenses you'll have during your first three months in business.

Reduced Cost Programs

We take your experience seriously

FlyFoe offers a compelling incentive for those who have served our country and for those who have already built an established mosquito control business.

Current Business Owner Discount

FlyFoe offers qualified mosquito control business owners the opportunity to convert their business into a FlyFoe franchise for a reduced cost. Current qualified business owners will receive a 50% reduction off of the franchise fee and they’ll pay no royalties on their existing customers for the life of their franchise!

Veteran Discount

FlyFoe offers discounted franchise packages valued at $15,000 for U.S. and Canadian veterans, making it easier than ever for former service men and women to join the FlyFoe family. The package includes: $3,000 discount on the initial franchise fee; $100 invoice credit each month for the life of the ten-year agreement; direct financing or financial assistance enabling veterans to start with little up front capital.

We're here to help new franchisees find the best way to fund their new business.

Stephanie Salzman Franchise Specialist, FlyFoe

It's time to start a smarter franchise

We're here to answer all your questions and show you all the fly-tastic benefits of a FlyFoe Franchise.

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